The 175th Emancipation Commemoration Committee is issuing a Call for Papers and
Presentations from the Community around the theme:

“Cracking the Code: A Mental Journey From Enslavement to Emancipation and Beyond”

A Public Forum to be held for the reading and discussion of these papers
June 23rd & 24th, 2023, 9:00AM-5:00 PM

(venue to be determined)

The papers and presentations will answer the question:
How has the history of enslavement impacted the African Diaspora and what are some
proposed methods of healing?

In recognition of the 175th anniversary of the Emancipation of the enslaved population of the
Danish West Indies (currently the US Virgin Islands), the Emancipation Commemoration
Committee aims to stimulate meaningful discussion of the psychological and behavioral impacts
of enslavement on the descendants of the formerly enslaved. These presentations are meant to
honor our ancestors’ emancipation of themselves on July 3, 1848 and how their journey to
freedom has shaped our psychology into the present day.

Some of the relevant themes we hope to explore through these community-proposed
presentations are:

  • Psychological and behavioral patterns common within the African Diaspora
  • Destruction the family structure and effects on children of African descent
  • The impacts on social dynamics within the African Diaspora
  • The influence on traditional diet and on public health of African descendants
  • The socioeconomic status and conditions of the descendants of the formerly enslaved

While papers and panels on these themes are preferred, applicants are welcome to submit
proposals on other related subjects for consideration. We encourage new research which will add
to the historical record. Presentations can have a number of formats:

  • 20 minute scholarly papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Short Videos

Presentations will be followed by Q and A

  • The submission should include an abstract of the proposed presentation (c. 150-200 words),
    including the anticipated sources.
  • Indicate the format of presentation (papers, PowerPoint, short film, poster, etc).
  • A brief bio of the presenter (c. 100 words), including e-mail address.
  • Abstracts and presentations must be in English.

Any questions can be sent to Akeem McIntosh ( The forum will be an
in-person event. Any changes to a virtual format will be announced as necessary.

The deadline for submission of proposals is May 5th, 2023.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept all submissions. Individuals who are accepted will be
notified by e-mail.

Thank you for you support and we look forward to your submissions!

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