The Commemoration Committee for the 175th Anniversary of the
1848 Emancipation in the US Virgin Islands

Announces its Call for Written Text for New Signage
to be placed at key Freedom sites

Signage will answer the question: What does the Emancipation of 1848
Mean to the People of the US Virgin Islands?

“Trail Of Emancipation”

CALL FOR TEXT FOR SIGNAGE: Members of the community are being engaged to write
historical text for new signage to be placed at sites related to Freedom and Emancipation on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. The dimensions of each sign will be “36x 24.” The proposed signage must include a title, content information and a suggested image relevant to the respective subject/site related to Emancipation in 1848. Appropriate letter size and colors will be considered for best visual effects. Space should be left for an accompanying picture. We are looking for interesting and engaging written content.

In St. Croix: The following sites have been identified for signage:

Information regarding the construction of Fort Frederik in 1760; the external and internal usage of the structure; and its role in the Emancipation

July 3, 1848 incidents occurring at the Fort Frederik gate

The burial ground at Fort Frederik where the executed revolters for were buried

The whipping post in front of the Fort; its purpose, and its removal

La Grange Road where protesters streamed out from surround plantations to gather at the park in front of the Fort

The role of residents in the Free Gut area of Frederiksted

In Christiansted
Protesters’ attempted to march into Christiansted town and were blocked from doing so at Bassin Triangle (intersection of Bassin and Contentment)

In St. Thomas: The following sites have been identified for signage:

Information regarding the construction of Ft. Christian in 1671; the external and internal usage of the structure, and its role in announcing the proclamation

Charlotte Amalie: General information regarding comparison population figures, purpose of the town and the harbor, labor needs in 1848

Cathedral Church of All Saints, built in honor of Emancipation

Emancipation Garden/King’s Wharf Established in honor of Emancipation

New Hernnhut/ Nisky Moravian Missions for the conversion of and teaching of devotional readings of the enslaved

Nisky Moravian Town Church/School

Dutch Reform Church

Brandenburger Company Warehouse/Slave Factory

Fort Christian

In St. John: The following sites have been identified for signage:
Fortsberg and its role in Emancipation

Mary’s Point: One of the first free colored plantations of St. John Ram’s Head Point: Where the Africans jumped to their death

Bethany/Emmaus Churches; Moravian Church which read the Emancipation proclamation
Lutheran Churches

Freedom Statue in Cruz Bay

Note: Proposers may bid on all the signs within a group or select individual ones within groups.

Individual texts must be submitted on a separate email attachment. Each entry must be identified by its author at the top left with a telephone number. Please remember that the length of the historical content will be restricted by the graphic, its caption and the title of the text according to size allotted. Be mindful that the signs will be erected in the public domain and are to appeal to the general public, locals and tourists.

Due date May 5th, 2023.

Each successful text will be awarded $500. Please email texts as attachments to

Download this content as a PDF.