Keepers of the Flame

On July 3, 2023, and leading up to the historic date, the United States Virgin Islands will Educate, Engage, and Empower Virgin Islanders to preserve our culture, heritage, and rich traditions as well as strengthen our historic advancements.

Were it not for courageous Virgin Islanders like John Gottlieb “General Buddhoe”, and Admiral Martin King, who together organized a gathering in Frederiksted on the morning of July 3, 1848, using the blowing of the conch shell, leading the enslaved people of St. Croix to take possession of Fort Frederick, and demanding that those enslaved be immediately declared free, we might not know the freedom we have today. Anna Heegard is also recognized for her conviction and her role in our freedom.

The Committee reveres these six elected Governors of the U.S. Virgin Islands and honors them posthumously. These leaders empower the people to be firm in preserving our rich heritage and culture and take pride in securing a better future for generations to come.

Governor Melvin Evans

Governor Melvin Herbert Evans
1970 - 1975

Governor Cyril King

Governor Cyril Emmanuel King
1975 - 1978 & 1969 - 1969

Governor Juan Francisco Luis
1978 - 1987

Governor Alexander Farelly

Governor Alexander A. Farrelly
1987 - 1995

Governor Roy Lester Schneider

Governor Roy Lester Schneider
1995 - 1999

Lester Turnbull

Governor Charles W. Turnbull
1999 - 2007


Here in spirit, the 175th Emancipation Commemoration Committee also honors posthumously the 175 Keepers of the Flame whose contributions since 1848 demand community praise and recognition. Today’s edition commences with 175 Names. As the Keepers of the Flame receptions on St. Thomas on April 4, and St. Croix on April 12, draws near, the Committee will publish brief Profiles of the Keepers of the Flame. Stay tuned!

Ann E. Abramson

Alton Adams, Sr.

Wayne “Factsman” Adams

Wilfred Elisha “Bomba” Allick

Clara Aloyo

Mildred Anduze

Ivan Armstrong

Enid M. Baa

Dr. Ruth Harrigan-Beagles

Claude A. Benjamin

Honorable Raymond Finch

Guy Benjamin

Honorable Lorraine L. Berry

Edward Wilmot Blyden

Ralph Bough

Violet A. Bough

Bertha B. Boschulte

Ivan Boyce

Loredon Lorence Boynes, Sr.

Lloyd “Dove” Braffith

James “Jamsie” Brewster

Canute Brodhurst

Christian R.T. Brow

Theobold Brow

Irvin “Brownie” Brown

Asta O’Bryan

Alvin "Baby" Burke

Aminta C.N. Burnet

Leocardio Camacho

David C. Canegata, MD

Anita D. Christian

Honorable Almeric Christian
and Elena Christian

Aureo Diaz

Horace Clarke
and Elmo A. Plaskett

Robert O’Connor, Jr.

Brother Cornelius

Frank Crosswaith

Axel L. and Enid H. Frederiksen,
and Beryl Hansen

Ralph D. de Chabert,
Ansetta de Chabert,
and Mario de Chabert

Honorable Arnold Golden, Sr.

Delta M. Dorsch

Dorothy Lockhart- Elskoe

Charles H. Emanuel

Professor Gene Emanuel

Dr. Lesmore Emanuel

Malcolm Evans

James Graham and Family

Eugenie Tranberg Ford

Viola James Ford

Beryl Francis

Emile “Milo” Francis

Rothschild Francis

Conrad “Ricky” Francois

Trevor Nicholas “Nick” Friday

Claude O. Markoe
and Phillip Gerard

Leroy Gotlieb

Reverend Vincent H.A. Gordon

Emile Griffith

Dolores and
Christophena Hansen

Ludvig E. Harrigan

Hubert Harrison

Christian Hendricks

Elrod Hendricks

Dr. Arnold Highfield

Emile Henderson II

Clarence “Chera” Heyliger

Beryl Hill

Honorable Valdemar A. Hill, Sr.

Honorable Walter I.M. Hodge

Winston Hodge, JD

Casper Holstein

Evelyn Messer James

David Hamilton Jackson

Peter Jackson

Renholdt Rookie Jackson Sr.

J. Antonio Jarvis

Honorable Gerard Luz A. James Sr.
and Asta James

Honorable Randall James, MD

Jane Johannes

Helen I. Joseph

Dr. Gloria Ida Joseph

Wilbur LaMotta

Frits E. Lawaetz

Alfred Harris Lockhart

William A. Liedesdorff

Honorable John L. Maduro

Terrance Martin

Ralph Mandrew

Vincent Mason

Miss Clara Mathias

Leon A. Mawson

Valentino McBean

Eliza James-McBean

Sylvester “Blinky” McIntosh

Frederick McFarlande, Sr.

Ariel Melchior, Sr.

Francisco “Paquito" Melendez

Corporal Sheila Middleton

James, Leroy, and Ralph Miller

Lucinda Millin

Jessica Tutein-Moolenaar

Dr. Ruth E. Moolenaar

Charles C. Ruebel and
The Honorable Theovald Moorhead

Esther Virginia Brow Moorhead
and Alexander A. Moorhead, Jr.

Angel M. “Chico”and Josefina Morales

Luis “Tito” Morales

Honorable Lew Muckle

Dr. Sax Myers

Ingeborg Nesbitt

Mongo Niles

Honorable Athniel
“Addie” Ottley, PhD

Honorable Earl B. Ottley

Honorable George “Bagoon” O’Reilly

Edwin Ortiz

Joseph “Joe” Parris

Honorable Alvin “Alli” Paul

Milton Payne

George Penn

Valentino Pena

Arona Petersen

Adam Petersen

Darnley and Athalie Petersen

Evadney Petersen
and Dr. Eugene Petersen

Sheryl Petersen

Ulysses Pilgrim

Honorable Holland A. Redfield

John Alwyn “Lad” Richards

Anselm Richards

Arthur A. Richards

Ricardo Richards

Verne Richards

Bingley G. Richardson

Evelyn Richardson

Eulalie C. Rivera

Lionel and Lucinda Roberts

Viggo Roberts

Honorable Elmo D. Roebuck
and Hector Roebuck

Richard R. Roebuck, Sr.

Henry E. Rohlsen

Alejandro “Alejo” Rojas

Antonio G. “Sundial” Romero

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Jean A. Romney

Honorable Ruby M. Rouss

Rudolph and Lena A. Schulterbrandt

Lowell Schuster

Charles Seales

Victor and Llewelyn Sewer

George and Ubaldina Simmons

Adolph “Ding” Sixto

Blanche J. Sasso and Grace J. Sparks

Victor Solomon

Elaine Sprauve

Julius Sprauve

Thelma L. Springer

Myra Keating Smith

Eulalie Stevens

Archie and
Wesley B. Thomas

Eugene “Genix” Thomas

Ruth E. Thomas

Valmy Thomas

Peter G. Thurland Sr.,
Peter G. Thurland Jr.,
and Will Thurland

Honorable Terrence Todman

Ashley Totten

John Tranberg

Unise Tranberg

Ione Pemberton
Janice Tutein

Samuel Utendahl

Lito Valls

Anna Vessup

Leona Brady Watson

Edith Williams

Florence A. Williams

Glen “Tata” Williams

Ohaldo Williams

Patrick Williams

John H. Woodson, Jr.